Combination skin means the face has two or more skin types. Skin condition may fluctuate between seasons and becomes oily especially in the summer.

Combination Skin Characteristics

Skin breaks out in the areas with excess oil
Skin gets flaky and tight depending on seasons
Excess oil and shine on T-zone (includes the forehead, nose and chin)

Combination Skin Care Routine

Many with combination skin find it best to use two different beauty routines.

  1. First, apply Vallatto Oil Mist on entire face
  2. Follow with Calming Balance Gel to keep your skin calm and hydrated
  3. Apply Booster
  4. Apply Serum
  5. Apply Booster
  6. On oily areas, apply Calming Balance Gel to keep skin supple without adding extra shine
  7. On dry areas, apply Active Cream
  8. Apply Cocktail Aqua Sun Gel
  9. Apply Cocktail Aqua BB
  10. Lastly, spray Vallatto Oil Mist to strengthen skin barrier

This content is only for sharing skincare information and is not intended to treat or prevent any medical diseases.