Sensitive skin is delicate and very thin, so skin is reactive to environmental aggressors and physical contact.

Sensitive Skin Characteristics

Skin feels tight and irritable after cleansing
Skin feels itchy even with mild irritation
You feel heat sensation on face and notice redness
Skin feels tight often
You are prone to break out

Sensitive Skin Care Routine

A sensitive skin care routine should focus on retaining adequate moisture and minimizing physical irritation and contact.

  1. Spray Vallatto Oil Mist
  2. Moisturize your skin with Calming Balance Gel
  3. After absorbing, gently apply Active Cream
  4. Apply Serum
  5. You may use Booster depending on your skin condition after a week or two
  6. Apply Cocktail Aqua Sun Gel
  7. Then apply Cocktail Aqua BB
  8. Finish with Vallatto Oil Mist

This content is only for sharing skincare information and is not intended to treat or prevent any medical diseases.